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How We Work

At High Camp we believe a strong play life makes a healthy work life. We turn work into play then channel this positive energy back into work.

As a team, we take CEO’s, VP’s, Directors and Employees off-site and out of doors and engage them with our crew of the world’s best outdoor athletes, story tellers and group leaders. Together we venture into challenging activities in the natural world, prompting an organic flow of conversation about company product, history and current narrative.We keep the discussions moving and the activity real.

Results happen as each person sees the edge of their comfort zone:  new ideas burst out, plans get made, collaboration solidifies and people laugh.Every evening we gather around a fire, share a meal and reflect on the day’s events:  it’s the perfect opportunity to put the finishing touches on stories, discuss plans, kick around product ideas or simply look forward to what will happen back at work the next week.

4 Ways to Build Culture



    Working directly with CEO’s and Presidents, we grasp the company narrative and through a series of multi day outings with employees and managers we weave that message into stories and conversations along the trail, on the rock, or around the campfire until everyone begins to understand the culture they work in.



    These gatherings are an exchange of information between select core user groups within your industry and your company’s design and marketing teams.  High Camp will organize the location, food, and travel if necessary, along with core users, and your team into an outside setting with at least one activity during the time together.



    This is simply a reward for work well done. High camp works with HR to formulate groups of employees, activities desired, and athletes to attend. Whether we are on dirt, rock or snow, each trip is an adventure lasting up to 3 days. High Camp handles the location, all food, and travel if necessary.



    While many companies engage in off-sites, gathering outdoors allows the senses to expand and ideas to flourish. High Camp offers a variety of possible locations throughout the mountains and deserts of the U.S. and handles all equipment, food, camp supplies, and activities surrounding the meeting at hand.