• Hiking

    Stretch the legs and expand the lungs through the forest and meadows. Walk along the trail telling stories or enjoying nature. A typical hike is about 4-5 miles. Use: Employee Benefits, Internal Branding

  • Backcountry Skiing

    The purist form of skiing and the best opportunity for powder turns. For strong intermediate to advanced skiers with a classic day of 2 to 3 runs. Use: Employee Benefits, Internal Branding

  • Mountain Biking

    Most rides are 10 - 15 mile loops with trails chosen for their flow, creativity, and beauty. We have trails mapped out for beginners to free riders. Use: Employee Benefits, Internal Branding

  • Climbing

    Probably the easiest and most social activity we love to do. Whether there are 5.13 sport climbers or first timers we have crags throughout the U.S. to accommodate the entire group. Use: Employee Benefits, Product Summits, Off Sites

  • Backpacking

    We bring backpacking to its simplest and most comfortable form and craft the trip to each group. Expect around 6 miles per day with a max group size of 12. Use: Employee Benefits, Internal Branding

  • Ice Climbing

    While this sport seems wild and intimidating, most people become obsessed rather quickly with swinging their ice axes and focusing on their crampons. All top roping. Use: Employee Benefits, Off-Sites, Internal Branding

  • Camping

    Sometimes the best way to connect with abilities is to set up a big camp, with good food, and beautiful scenery. Use: Product Summits or Off-Sites

  • Mountain Climbing

    While mountain climbing can be involved, we have peaks all over North America ranging from simple walk-ups to technical glacial ascents. Use: Employee Benefits, Internal Branding

  • Resort Riding

    With the dozens of resorts in North America we've ridden and lived at there's a long list to choose from for your team to log in some vertical. Use: Internal Branding, Product Summits, Employee Benefits, Off-Sites

  • Backcountry Snowboarding

    The roots of the sport live in the backcountry and with the 100's of mountain ranges in the States we have peaks ready to be ridden in most of them. Use: Internal Branding, Employee Benefits